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American Outdoor Adventure Network
Adventure Club San Antonio is now a part of the American Outdoor Adventure Network. Below is a list of all Network clubs that you NOW have access to with your username and password information.
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Adventure Club San Antonio

Buddy Program

The truth is, many people are nervous about starting something by themselves or attending an event without knowing anyone.  It’s natural to feel intimidated by a new group…everyone experiences the same hesitance to get started.

Does this sound like you?  You want to get out, meet people and get more out of life don’t you? Well, an ACSA Buddy will help get you started so you can take advantage of all the club has to offer.

How does the ACSA Buddy Program work? Easy…just send us an email once you've become a member
 and request an ACSA Buddy.  We will contact you to gather some information on the types of events that you're interested in attending and we will help you get started.

An active member will be found to contact you and plan to meet you before an event you’d like to attend. That way, you get to come to the event with someone you already know and get introduced to all the other active ACSA members.

The Buddy Program works! It makes it so much easier to get started and many of our most active members started off the same way, requesting an ACSA Buddy.  Many have become Event Leaders. Quit being shy, you’re only cheating yourself! 


Adventure Club San Antonio
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